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for Bellingham City
Council Ward 4

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Skip for affordable housing

I strongly believe that Bellingham will continue its commitment to finding solutions that address the complex issues affecting unhoused individuals and devote the necessary resources to continually help in solving the problem. In addition to emergency shelter to address immediate needs, we must continue to support and grow programs that prevent losing a home and contribute to affordable housing development. Bellingham’s Consolidated Plan and Whatcom County’s Strategic Plan to end Homelessness are good road maps to these solutions.


Skip on policing

Considering events that have surfaced in other cities and concerns raised by people of color and others here in Bellingham, I believe we should be proactive in seeking other opportunities to help to solidify police-community relations. This would ensure that we have the best means to resolve any policing-community issues and help prevent what has happened in other major cities across our country from developing in our community. Additionally, the City’s future budgeting effort partnering with Whatcom County and other agencies should continue to support and develop alternative programs that provide appropriate responses for people in crisis.


Skip is running for the right reasons.

Skip is not running as someone who will tell you he has all of the right answers and fixes we need. He is here to work with you, with us, to find those answers and develop those fixes. It takes collaboration and respect to move the needle forward. He is running to serve our community to the highest of his abilities to help our community address the many challenges we face. I will be proud to work with Skip and look forward to future collaborations to continue to serve you- our community and neighbors

Lisa Anderson

Bellingham City Council Member

My name is Skip Williams and I want to earn your vote.

Having lived in Bellingham’s Alabama Hill neighborhood for 30 years and raised my family here, I love this city. I want my children to be able to work and raise their families here, afford to buy a house, and live in a place where they can be proud of who they are. A guiding principle, instilled in me since childhood, is to give back to my community. I continually ask myself, “How can I help make our community better and what role can I continue to play to be of assistance to the residents of our city. That’s why I’m running for the Bellingham City Council – Ward 4 position.